Probate & Trust Sales

So where do we begin?

Are you at that time of life when Mom or Dad has passed on? Is it time to sell the family home or retirement condo? We recognize that for most people, it’s far more than a “bricks and mortar” sale of a home. For many it’s an emotional time for all.

You could be an Executor if you were named in a will, an Administrator if you’re appointed by the court, or perhaps a Sucessor Trustee named in family trust. Irrespective of your title we understand first-hand it’s a big responsibility. You’ve been entrusted with many issues that may include a variety of family dynamics that come with that role.

You need a knowledgable attorney and  you need an experiened/knowledgable REALTOR.

A Realtor you can count on with expertise to help you through the process when comes to estate and probate home selling. Someone who understands and will work with you compassionately through the process…and you’ve come to the right place.

Definition of Probate: Legal process to:

To establish the validty of a will or other notes testamentary deposition of property.
To establish the property identity of heirs and devises.
To protect the rights of creditors.
To provide for the payment of taxes.
To preserve property during the legal process.
To distribute property to appropriate parties.

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